Shooting and Editing Video: How Important Are These Skills for a Journalist?

Michael Braithwaite, TV and Film Major,, editing his video at Hofstra's Newshub.

Michael Braithwaite, TV and Film Major, editing his video project at Hofstra’s Newshub. Photo by: Angelica Oliveira

Journalism is popularly defined as the practice of collecting, writing, editing and publishing information on current events. The changes occurring in the media, through new technologies and media convergence culture, deeply impacted the production processes of journalism and hence the profile of the journalist. Nowadays, journalists should have a lot of skills, such as shooting and editing photos and videos, designing layouts for magazines or newspapers, and so on. In other words, it is very important to a journalist to become a multi-tasked person. Shooting and editing video are some of the skills that journalists should have if they want succeed in this industry. Building a great storytelling through videos can make you distinguish yourself from all the others journalists.

Being a multi-tasked journalist is cost effective for employers because they will not need to hire a lot of people to shoot and edit videos. Journalism industry is very competitive. If you want a god job, great writing skills are not enough anymore. Also, it is cost effective for journalists themselves because they don’t need to hire another person to help them with editing or shooting. Besides, it is faster and effective if the journalist knows how to edit his own videos because he knows the footages.

Journalism is all about to gather information to tell a story. It is crucial have shooting and editing skills to gather this information and tell this story through a video because society has become more visual. People not only want to read about what is happening. They want to see this because it is more interesting.

Shooting a video is not too easy as some people can imagine. You have to know to where point your camera. You have to know what B-rolls, A-rolls, rule of thirds, panning, tilting are, for example. Also you need to know how to set up a camera, and you should shoot sequences, so the editing will be easier. The knowledge of these techniques is very important because this way you can show the audience all the information that they need and want to know.

Finally, the media and the world are changing. People consume more videos because they are faster and more interesting than reading. Being a multi-tasked journalist is appealing to employers because it is cost effective. Moreover journalists will build the best storytelling by knowing these techniques.


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