Is It Important to Learn Code for A Journalist?

<html> As I said in another post, new technologies and media convergence culture have changed a lot the production processes of journalism. So It is very important that journalists have a lot of skills, besides writing skills. Journalism industry is very competitive, so it is crucial to make distinguish yourself from all the others journalists in order to get a good job.

Journalism is all about build a great storytelling. So why not to build a good website to tell a story? Videos, good typography, animations… You can use them all to grab readers attention. But you will have to learn how to code before build this wonderful storytelling.

If you think this is not a good reason, I will give you another one: money! You, journalist, can make more money if you are a multi-tasked journalist. Hiring a person who can write, shoot and edit video and photos is cost effective for employeers. What if this person knew how to put together all writing, photos and videos to tell a story? It would be awesome, huh? Here, there is another reason: it is easier to you, journalist! You don’t need another person to build your storytelling if you can code.

Now you should be thinking: “But this is so time-consuming!” Yeah, maybe. But it is still a great skill to have. If you want to succeed and be a great journalist, you have to work hard; life is not easy.

Are you not convinced that learn code is important? Read what the journalis Steve Butry wrote in his blog. If you would like to see the pros and cons of learning code, you should read this article from Forbes: “Should you learn to code? Six pros and cons”




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