E Como É Estudar nos Estados Unidos?

Fulano de tal, 33, profissional há 16 anos na área de logística diz que a profissão não costumava ser muito valorizada no passado. Mas hoje, ela ocupa uma posição estratégica dentro da empresa. A profissão de logística envolve atividades desde o setor de produção até o setor de pós-venda.  Fulano afirma que a profissão existe…


One of the things I love most here is how the view change through the year. When I got here Everything was gree just like in Brazil. Ok, nothing impressive until there. But then I saw the leaves turning into orange; aother leaves turning into red. The color change was amazing for me! I didn’t…

That’s My Home

First days, I thought living on campus would be so weird. I mean it’s not easy to share a room with someone that you don’t know at all. Waking up in a room with a stranger? God, this scared me so much! My first roommate was a little different. She never talked to me, and…

A Spring Morning

Waking up every Tuesdays and Thursdays to go to a class? I used to hate waking up so early, but here I learned to like it. I mean it was a great class, dispate it was at 8 am! I took this photo this 8 am class for a photo project.

Just A Staircase

I never liked elavators. But I never liked staircases either! Thank God I live in the second floor, and I dont have to suffer everyday to take staircases. I took this photo for a instagram project for my Journalism 11 class.