That’s My Home

First days, I thought living on campus would be so weird. I mean it’s not easy to share a room with someone that you don’t know at all. Waking up in a room with a stranger? God, this scared me so much! My first roommate was a little different. She never talked to me, and…

A Spring Morning

Waking up every Tuesdays and Thursdays to go to a class? I used to hate waking up so early, but here I learned to like it. I mean it was a great class, dispate it was at 8 am! I took this photo this 8 am class for a photo project.

Just A Staircase

I never liked elavators. But I never liked staircases either! Thank God I live in the second floor, and I dont have to suffer everyday to take staircases. I took this photo for a instagram project for my Journalism 11 class.

Shooting and Editing Video: How Important Are These Skills for a Journalist?

Journalism is popularly defined as the practice of collecting, writing, editing and publishing information on current events. The changes occurring in the media, through new technologies and media convergence culture, deeply impacted the production processes of journalism and hence the profile of the journalist. Nowadays, journalists should have a lot of skills, such as shooting…